Wild Boar Farms, etc.

A lot of exciting new foods will be making their way onto our menu in the next couple of weeks. This weekend we’ll be doing a crimini mushroom hash with a poached duck egg, Fatted Calf pancetta, and a Fiscalini Cheddar grilled cheese. The duck egg and mushrooms come from the Old Oakland Farmer’s Market.
We will also be featuring Wild Boar Farms tomatoes. Brad from Wild Boar likes to create his own varietals. My favorite is a big, sweet yellow one called “Pork Chop.” We’ll be getting all our tomatoes direct from him starting this weekend until they go out of season, around Halloween.
In pig roast news, the next pig roast will not be “All you can eat.” Portions will be generous, including seconds, but we really want to be able to make sure that everybody gets some.

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