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Sutton Cellars Apple Cider Is Here!

Carl Sutton has taken organic Sonoma Gravenstein apple juice and left it to ferment spontaneously in oak barrels. No sugar, yeast, water, sulfites, or anything else is added, and no filtering or other manipulation takes place. It’s apples and nothing else. The result is a  refreshing cider in the Basque style. Its not effervescent and [...]
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Two Mile Wine List

Keep an eye out for our new Two Mile wine list. It’s a separate list of bottle selections from wineries within two miles of Chop Bar. Coming soon…
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All Natural Local Pork From John Bledsoe

Chop Bar will now be buying all our pork and bacon directly from John Bledsoe, a farmer in Winters. His lamb is also delicious. Try out his pork at the pig roast on the 17th at Linden St.
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Pig On, Local Salmon Too

The pig roast is definitely on, rain or shine, this Sunday. The forecast says it may rain, but we’re gonna make a sacrifice to the sun god, so we should be good. If, for some reason, the sacrifice falls on deaf ears, we’ll do it all inside. I almost forgot, thanks to the East Bay [...]
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Keeping It Local- One Year In

OK, so we’ve been here over a year now, how are we doing with our commitment to using local and sustainable products? This has been a challenge for us, because we are also committed to keeping our menu affordable. Does that mean we have to buy crappy food in bulk from big distributors? No, but [...]
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New and better

The Jack London Farmers’ Market continues to be a great source for us. Just this week, we have started getting our sauerkraut and our queso fresco from producers that we discovered there, and will soon be buying vegetables direct from Happy Boy Farms.
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Interview with Local Vendor: Drake’s Brewery

Chop Bar loves to use local vendors whenever possible. We hope to introduce some of them to you in a series of blog posts. For this first post, we interviewed John Martin of Drake’s Brewery. Drake’s just launched a new website and also can be found on Twitter and their blog. Can you tell us [...]
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What is a “chop bar”?

NOT a steak house. “A chop bar, in West African parlance, is a roadside bar/restaurant that also serves as a gathering place for the community” says Lev Delany, chef at Chop Bar. Jesse and Lev (co-owners) noticed that the Jack London Square neighborhood was very much in need of such a place, where locals could get food [...]
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