Spring is finally here, so we’ll be retooling the menu a bit. This week will be your last chance for pork shank for a while, we’ll be switching to a chop. The fish situation was pretty abysmal last month , mostly because of heavy rains, but this month we should be getting back to local sardines, halibut, yellowtail, and probably King salmon around May 1st. We’ll be leaving the oxtails on the menu, probably forever. Favas and English peas are pretty close, look for them this month. Last but not least, pig roast season starts again on April 17th. We’re gonna be giving away a collectible full color poster (quantities limited) by local artist Brian Labrie, who is also doing our new t-shirt, which has been named “most disgusting t-shirt ever” by several prominent vegetarians. See ya there, eh?

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