Dining room at Petritegi


A sidreria is, like it sounds, a place where they make cider. The apples are pressed and the juice is allowed to spontaneously  ferment in giant barrels. No yeast, sugar, or water is added. Over time, sidrerias have evolved into informal country restaurants. The food is placed in the center of the table for all to eat. No plates are provided. When you are thirsty, you get up from the table and go to the adjacent barrel cave, where a barrel is tapped straight into your glass in a long stream. The menu this night was: chorizo cooked in cider, bacalao, grilled merluza(hake) with crunchy garlic bits, a big fat rare t-bone, cheese, membrillo, and walnuts in the shell. Here are some pictures:

Travos in the cave

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