New Years Eve

Well, our family style New Years’ menu is finally coming together. Ben Broadus, our bar manager and sometime charcuter will be making some ciccioli. Night line cook Miguel Schwarzenbach and I will be doing some stuffed, braised, and breaded pigs’ trotters from a recipe in the Au Pied De Cochon cookbook. Sous Chef Eric Cohen will be doing matzo Ball Soup. Co-owner Chris will be doing Braciole, which is a stuffed rolled flank steak dish from an old family recipe. last but not least, Jesse will be heading up the desserts, which will include our new sticky toffee fig pudding with rum sauce. Its going to be pretty low key, not flashy, but a lot of good food and a lot of fun. We’ll also have the regular menu until 8:30. We’ll also be open for brunch on the first, featuring day sous chef Miguel Guillermo’s pozole, not to mention bloody marys and other hair of the dog..

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