Yucatan Grilled Chicken Torta  11

queso fresco, tomato, avocado

& ancho chile aioli served with spicy slaw


Grilled Pork Banh Mi  12

cilantro, chilies & Thai basil aioli,

served with crunchy pickled veggies


Pork Belly Hash  13

Pork belly, potatoes, onions & two poached eggs


Chop Bar Burger  14

Preferred Meats ground chuck with bacon, avocado, tomato, aioli on an

Acme kaiser roll served with baby arugula salad

add cheddar, swiss or cowboy onions 1 add blue cheese or Fiscalini cheddar 2


Saltspring Island Mussels  17

jalapeno, ancho orange broth, garlic toast


Fish Tacos  16

black beans, spicy slaw, avocado, rice, crema & tomatillo salsa


Fusillini Pasta 19                                                                    pork Bolognese, parmesan cheese

Oxtail Poutine 21

french fries, oxtail gravy, Fiscalini cheddar


 Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Potato, Avocado Salad  12

baby lettuces, tomato & lemon vinaigrette add blue cheese 2


Baby Arugula Salad  12

seasonal fruit, blue cheese & candied walnuts


Brussels Sprouts Salad  12

butternut squash, shaved egg, crispy pork belly, parmesan   , vinaigrette dressing


All Salads can add fish 5 or chicken 4


Hammersley Oysters ½ dozen 15 dozen 28


Soup of the Day  9


Mac & Cheese  10

cheddar, Swiss & parmesan cheese, add ham or bacon 2


Jo Jo’s Potatoes  8

thick wedges of crispy Kennebec potatoes


Side Salad  6

with house made vinaigrette

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