Eye On The Bay, Remodel, New Smoky Treats

Lots of stuff happening since my last post. We’re going to be on an upcoming edition of Eye On The Bay, thanks to our good friend Tanya Holland. Chris and I will be trading witticisms on the air with Tanya and our close personal friends Thuy Vu and Liam Mayclem. They will also be at our April 15th pig roast at Linden St.

Our newly remodeled dining room and bathroom look pretty nice. All the tile, paint, acoustical ceiling(less noise), and plumbing were completed in just two days- pretty amazing. Photos to follow.

Lastly, we are expanding our charcuterie program. Our new prep kitchen in Berkeley, where we are doing our whole animal butchery, our sauerkraut, and other big projects, has a smoker! Some items we’ll be folding into the menu starting this week are our own pate maison, smoked pork belly, trotter terrine, tasso, and breakfast ham.

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