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Brunch This Friday, Seghesio Gets Props

This Friday, we will be serving the brunch instead of lunch menu starting at 9 AM. Dinner will be as usual.   For those of you who follow the Wine Spectator, Seghesio Zinfandel, which we have in the bottle, was voted 12th best wine of the year, worldwide. We agree that it is pretty dang good, and [...]
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The Trouble With Yelp

OK, first go to Yelp and check out the one star review of us near the top. Read it? Great, here goes. Yelp can be a really good thing. I used it to find places to eat when I moved to Oakland. Some of those places became my favorites, like El Taco Zamorano and Chai Thai. [...]
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Sticky Wonton Antics

Hi, folks, we’ve got some good stuff for you this week. In savory land we have Pork Belly Wontons with Sea Bean Slaw, while on the sweet side we have Sticky Date Pudding with Rye Ice Cream and Boozy Raisins. Also,Lila would like you to know that next week we will have a delightful new [...]
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Fire Your Bank, It Feels Great

Ever notice all the big posters all over the place from the big banks that show someone with a dog grooming salon or a cupcake shop who couldn’t have done it without Wells Fargo or B of A? Well, I can tell you firsthand that you would certainly get laughed out of any of the [...]
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